Annoucements from the Village Shop

Annoucements from the Village Shop

Mr Nirav & Mrs Nipa Modhvadiya are proud to take over our award winning shop from Monday, 16th November .

We aim for excellent customer service and product availability, so why not shop with us and support your local village store?

Come and join us on our Opening Day between 10am to 2pm. We have some free samples of cheese & bread  from the premium Hambleton Bakery  for  customers to try. There is a weekly delivery so all produce will be available for pre-order.

A free hot or cold drink will also be served.

Examples of the bakery range:

Local Loaf Large
A classic British bread made using local beer barm and a half white, half wholemeal flour from Whissendine Mill. It has a distinctive ‘hoppy’ taste and great texture
Large Sourdough
Made from a mixture of rye and wheat flour then fermented for 48 hours. This loaf makes great toast and is delicious with pates, hams and cheese. It makes the best toasted sandwich. Like a good wine the sour flavour improves with time.
Large 7 Cereal
Similar to a granary bread with its own distinctive flavour. It enjoys a very soft texture perfect for a sandwich.
Large white tin
This is a perfect sandwich loaf made the way the old masters used to make it with long fermentation. It has a springy texture unlike modern bread and is excellent toasted
Large wholemeal
Made from a 100% stoneground Boston organic wholemeal flour with the distinctive taste of wheat, this is a low GI loaf. Delicious toasted or used for sandwiches and brilliant for digestion
Campagne Bloomer
Made from a fine French flour giving a soft fine crumb and a crisp crust. A tapered shaped loaf with lovely distinctive taste
Date and Walnut
This is a sourdough infused with walnuts and stoned dates. We then top it with pumpkin and sunflower seeds to finish it off. This bread was made for cheese, but is equally great on its own
Fruit Loaf
Baked to an old Carter family (Julian Carter is our head baker) recipe, this is full of fruit which has been soaked overnight in tea ensuring a moist fruity slice every time. Ideal toasted and buttered.
Flour milled from an ancient breed of grain low in gluten with a unique flavour. This is a favourite with our bakers and who add a little local honey to it. Great for sandwiches and toast.
Based on a Russian rye bread recipe with added malt and coriander seeds, this loaf is the perfect accompaniment for smoked fish, hams and pickles or cream cheese.
Gluten Free Bread
This loaf is made using gluten free flour, water, yeast & vegetable oil. This loaf is enjoyed by many customers who require a gluten free diet. (Since this loaf is made in our multipurpose bakery minute traces of air borne flour may be present.)
White baton
A Mediterranean style bread with a chewy texture; great for open sandwiches and bruschetta. It is equally good dipped in olive oil and flavoured vinegars or buttered.
Soft white rolls
A white roll made from a focaccia dough using flour, water, salt, yeast, sugar, semolina and olive oil
7 cereal rolls
A 7 cereal roll (like granary) made from a focaccia dough using flour, water, salt, yeast, sugar, semolina and olive oil
Manchet rolls
This an old English bread enriched with butter and sugar. Perfect for the younger members of the family but enjoyed by young and old alike. A bit like a brioche but not quite as sweet. Many places supplied who use for burgers etc.
Breakfast muffins
Cooked on a griddle, this light buttery dough is classically English. Great for breakfast with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon or lunch with eggs Benedict or simply cut in half and toasted with butter – there is nothing quite like it!
Italian Rustic Rolls
Made from flour, water, salt and yeast. A wet dough so naturally shapes giving that rustic look. Quite a close texture so can be used filled or for dipping etc.
Olive Bread
Using a focaccia dough this is filled with Italian Olives and sprinkled with tomato powder
Ploughmans Parcel
A focaccia dough filled with Lincolnshire Poacher cheese, apple, celery, celery salt and chutney and then dipped in seeds
Chorizo Fougasse
A spicy option of the Focaccia dough with chorizo, onions, peppers

National Lottery
Sadly we need to notify customers that Camelot who own the National Lottery have decided to take  the lottery terminal away from the shop. However, on behalf of the village we have made an appeal against this decision, but until the outcome is known the terminal is turned off.

Card Payments
There  may be difficulty too with card payments in first week. Therefore it is advisable to have cash handy  when you come for shopping starting  Monday, 16th November, but we will keep our customers up to date with news.

Post Office update
The GOOD NEWS is we have got the ‘Post-office’ on site. Hopefully we will have it operating by March or April.

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