Knit and natter (March 2015)

Knit and natter (March 2015)

Knitted Teddy

This month I have chosen a pattern for a knitted Teddy Bear in three sizes. My mum knitted a lot of these when the children were small, not only for my two but also for her other grandchildren. She knitted all three sizes and put them in matching scarves to make families. Try doing the same and if you are feeling adventurous you could always knit clothes for them!

Materials: 50g ball of double knitting yarn
Needles: size 3.75mm (old size 9) and spare needle
Scrap of black yarn for features
Contrasting yarn for scarf

Legs, Body and Head (knitted together)
NB : First number is for smallest size, the other two sizes are in brackets
All knitting is garter stitch
Using 3.75mm needles cast on 6 (8, 10) sts
Knit 2.5” (3”, 4”) for first leg
Break off yarn but keep sts on spare needle
Knit another identical leg, keep these sts on needle
Next row: Join legs together by knitting across both legs
Continue in garter stitch until work measures 7.5” (10”, 13”)
Divide for legs by knitting across first half of sts and slipping 2nd half onto spare needle
Work two legs to match first two, cast off.

Arms – 2
Cast on 10 (12, 14) sts
Knit 1.5” (2”, 2.5”), cast off
Fold body in half and stitch round, leaving a gap for stuffing.
Sew across corners for ears, stuff, sew up gap.
Sew up arms, stuff and sew on to sides.

Cast on 70 sts, knit one row, cast off, sew in ends.


Jill Fenby-Taylor


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