The Parish Council has the power to raise money through local taxation (called “the precept”) and powers to spend it in the service of Whissendine to improve the quality of life and the local environment.

Monthly Accounts
The Parish Council Current Account (Approved Expenditure) details are available for download below. Please click on the relevant month.

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Annual Accounts
The Parish Council accounts are currently being audited and inspection is  a public right.  The Financial Summary and Asset Register can be downloaded. The Annual Returns information can also be viewed.  Questions can be taken by email, or by appointment at the stated times (page 1). An appointment is also required to view any additional paperwork.

The accounts have passed an internal audit satisfactorily. The internal auditor (appointed by the Council) is Lamin & White of Oakham. This is a check on figures, balances and financial records carried out in April. The external audit will be  conducted by Grant Thornton (Liverpool) appointed by the Audit Office. This is to ensure that public money is used as allowed by law, and the Council is operating according to legal procedures. [Jen Lacey, 1.6.2016]

To download the accounts for previous years see the links below:

The Whissendine Parish Council draft budget for 2016/2017 can be found here.