A village pub in its truest sense, where local knowledge is on tap and good cheer and bonhomie flows freely.

the three horseshoes whissendine rutland
Photo by PT
*** UPDATE *** Please note that as of September 2015, the Three Horseshoes is closed ‘for the foreseeable future’ .

One can picture John Betjeman sitting by the fire at The Three Horseshoes crafting his satirical poem ‘The Village Inn’, lamenting the way people try to recreate history and at the same time destroy it.

‘The village inn, the dear old inn,
So ancient, clean and free from sin,
True centre of our rural life
Where Hodge sits down beside his wife
And talks of Marx and nuclear fission
With all a rustic’s intuition.
Ah, more than church or school or hall,
The village inn’s the heart of all.’

So spake the brewer’s P.R.O.,
A man who really ought to know,
For he is paid for saying so.

Ah, where’s the inn that once I knew
With brick and chalky wall
Up which the knobbly pear-tree grew
For fear the place would fall?

Whereas Betjeman’s fictional Georgian pub, The Bear, is knocked down and rebuilt in sanitized ‘Early Georgian style’, The Three Horseshoes is still original and honest. The pub doesn’t serve food but offers a selection of IPAs and other real ales on tap and a friendly welcome for all who enter. There is also a pétanque piste and the pub supports three pétanque teams: 3 Horseshoes Lions PC, 3 Horseshoes Cobblers and 3 Horseshoes Novices.

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Mark and Jan Allen
The Three Horseshoes
66 Main Street
Rutland LE15 7ET