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WI poppy screen

We hope everyone liked the poppy screen and wreath made by Whissendine WI members. It was in St Andrew’s church for the wonderful ‘Long Long Trial’ and of course for the Sunday morning Remembrance. The screen and wreath were then transferred to the village hall for the WI Kindness tea. The wreath will be kept [...]

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WI World Kindness Day afternoon tea

On Sunday 11th November, Whissendine WI had a World Kindness Day afternoon tea. The aim of World Kindness Day is to ‘try to make the world a better place by celebrating and promoting good deeds and acts of kindness, either as individuals or as organisations’. It was even more special as this was 100 years [...]

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April 2018 WI meeting report

Our own Dr Sarah Furness came to talk to the Whissendine WI about her time as High Sherriff of Rutland form 2016 - 2017. It was fascinating to hear about the history of the role which started in 1129 when the Sheriff was the principal law enforcement officer in the county (think Sheriff of Nottingham [...]

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Leicestershire and Rutland Federation of Women’s Institutes AGM 2018

Leicestershire and Rutland Federation of Women's Institutes Annual Council Meeting Hangar 42, Bruntingthorpe, Lutterworth, Leics. Saturday 10 March 2018 Attended: Janet Bilby, Barbara Burnish, Lindsey Cleggett, Pat Lake, Marion Lawrie, Jo-Ann Millington, Rosemary Raymond, Helen Roberts, Ann Rushton, Jean Parkes, Gill Pavitt and Jean Penny (delegate) NFWI Chairman’s address: Lynne Stubbngs welcomed 1400 ladies to [...]

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March 2018 WI meeting report

Whissendine WI invited students from Harlaxton Manor, near Grantham, to talk about ‘Impressions of England’.  The girls come from several different American universities for a "semester" (three months) to learn about the UK and Europe including our history.  As well as visiting places in the UK such as Stonehenge and London, they are making the [...]

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Feb 2018 WI meeting report

Whissendine WI members were joined by 14 visitors (including men!) at their February meeting to hear about the Dogs Trust.  Ella, based at Loughborough and wonderfully aided by her dog Brooster, told us about all aspects of their work including rehoming or fostering dogs, offering advice and education for dogs and humans and their campaigns [...]

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Oct 2016 WI meeting report

After the October Annual meeting Rosemary Pick gave a detailed explanation of the history of Stained Glass which originated in Egypt. Organization of the 90th anniversary celebrations are well in hand for November 15th. Christmas Carols will be sung at the December meeting when members should take a plate of food to share and a [...]

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Women’s Institute News – July 2016

The recent Book and Bric-a- brac stall that was held under the Buttercross in Oakham made a healthy £275. This will help finance the ninetieth anniversary celebrations later in the year. Another successful event was the fashion Show during Feast Week. This raised a similar amount. Whissendine W I was asked to provide tea for the Falls [...]

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Dec 2015 WI meeting report

Dec 2015 WI meeting report The December meeting was well attended and they all remembered to take a gift and a plate of food to share. Debbie, a demonstrator from Long Clawson Dairy took samples of Stilton to try and sold several blocks after her animated talk. These included a new variety called ‘Claxtone’ which [...]

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Nov 2015 WI meeting report

Nov 2015 WI meeting report Four types of Christmas Decorations were attempted by the members and a couple of visitors at the November meeting. The results were outstanding and everyone got a point towards winning the competition for that night as it was too difficult to distinguish a winner. Forthcoming meeting The December meeting is [...]

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New President of Whissendine WI

At the annual meeting, Jean Penny was elected as the new President in place of Barbara Burnish who had served for four years. The Secretary, Penny Stimpson, was also giving up and her job is being taken on by two new members of the committee. Barbara and Penny received flowers in appreciation of their work. [...]

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Whissendine WI celebrates the WI national centenary

On Tuesday 15th September 2015 Whissendine Women's Institute (WI) celebrated the WI national centenary. Whissendine WI started just 89 years ago. Over 50 people, WI members and their guests, enjoyed playing human bingo and listening to beautiful music composed and recorded by Kitty Richardson, with one of her pieces that is used for the anthem [...]

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Whissendine WI – call for photos

Whissendine Women's Institute is celebrating the national WI centenary this month and they are looking for photos of Whissendine WI to put together a sideshow. If anyone has any photos to share could they e-mail a copy with any details to whissendinewi@gmail.com? Some of the WI's old photos have also been borrowed from the WI [...]

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May 2015 WI meeting report

May 2015 WI meeting report The business at the May meeting took up a great deal of time. After a lengthy discussion about the 2015 Resolution about health care the majority of the members voted for it and also for the amended wording. Pat Lake is to be our representative for the one hundredth meeting. [...]

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April 2015 WI meeting report – ‘Whist Drive’

Feb 2015 WI meeting report At the April meeting many of the members relearned how to play Whist and another group attempted Rummy (no gin was involved!). For most of us it was a very long time since we had played either card game. Hilary Maunders was the outright winner of the Whist. There were [...]

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Whissendine WI Fashion Show

A 2015 Feast Week event: The Whissendine WI will be holding a fashion show for Feast Week on Tuesday 30th June from 7.30pm in the Village Hall. Tickets are just £5 each including a glass of wine and nibbles. This includes over-makes from a major high-street store with up to 50% off the recommended retail [...]

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Feb 2015 WI meeting report – ‘Bee Keeping’

Feb 2015 WI meeting report Enthusiast, George Shepherd from Market Overton, gave a fascinating insight into ‘Bee Keeping’ at the February meeting. He had brought several artifacts to illustrate his talk which he did without any notes whatsoever – he certainly knew his subject. Did you know that drone bees are ejected from the hive [...]

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Women’s Institute learns the art of chocolate making (and tasting)

At the January 2015 WI meeting, talented Tom Phillips, who has a shop in Quorn, gave an informative talk about chocolate, meanwhile stirring two pots of liquid chocolate (obviously good at multi-tasking). He demonstrated how chocolates are made using plastic moulds and bubble wrap! We were able to eat the delicious truffles later. Sarah Bysouth [...]

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Women’s Institute makes Christmas decorations

Four of our talented members took on the job of instructing the rest of the members in making Christmas decorations at the November meeting. There were plates to paint that were later baked in the oven, cards to make from cut out paper designs, wreaths were constructed using Christmassy fabric and cones were produced from [...]

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