Closure of Footbridge across the Whissendine Brook on The Banks

Closure of Footbridge across the Whissendine Brook on The Banks

For about 20 years this simple bridge has linked The Nook and Cow Lane areas without problems. The Parish Council had scheduled an upgrade to it this autumn to make the surface less slippery, replace the sections that were beginning to rot, add an extra rail and have additional infilling on the play park side.

Unfortunately, all the wet weather made access impossible without a lot of damage to the ground surface, and now the heavy rain and resultant water force and flooding have further eroded the bank. The bridge itself remains stable, but there is increased risk for users of skids, slips and trips and no one would like a brook dunking at this time of year.

Therefore until further notice THE BRIDGE IS CLOSED to users.

There are warning notices of this fixed to both end of bridge and the Cow Lane entrance. Tape has been put across the bridge, but be aware that this could be removed by wind, water or an unhelpful person.

The Parish Council is currently considering the options of repair to the bridge, repositioning it, and/or having a completely new structure built. It will look at some details and costs at its next meeting on 8 February. Work will be carried out when materials and equipment can be transported there without causing massive ruts that would be hazardous and spoil the area for future use, and that will depend on us having a good long spell of dry weather.

Jen Lacey (Parish Clerk)

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