Craft & Produce Show tip – Photography

Craft & Produce Show tip – Photography

Generally what the judges look for in the photography section is good composition and a shot that is well ‘framed’ and catches the eye. So photos that are unusual in terms of lighting, colour, subject and character are all important.

This year the rules for the photographic section have changed. All entries must be the same size at 18 x 13cm (7″ x 5″), unframed and unmounted. Photographs must not have been previously exhibited in any show but there is no rule about when the photograph was taken.

The photography section includes some favourite classes from previous years but also some new ones. Don’t be afraid to be creative!

Sunrise or sunset: Look for a dramatic skyline with fabulous colours.

Landscape or waterscape: Try to include something in the foreground to add interest.

Whissendine village scene: We have a beautiful and interesting village that lends itself to this class, so you should be spoilt for choice. But make sure your scene is recognisable!

Flower portrait: Lighting and focus are key for this class. Also consider the angle of the shot.

Bird or birds: A difficult subject but a good close up with movement could be a real bonus.

Insect or Insects: Be patient, get up close and personal and try your shot from different angles.

Shadow or reflection: High contrast is needed here and excellent lighting.

Any kind of transport: Think about any method to move or be moved by air, land or sea!

Food cooked or uncooked: Let you imagination loose with either a shot of a beautifully presented dish or a portrait of your favourite ingredient!

Confusing / funny sign: We’ve all seen them, signs that make you chuckle.

Make us laugh (not a sign): Make this as quirky as you like! Give us a real fun shot of something unexpected.

We hope this gives you something to aim for and will build on the high standards of previous years. For more information please visit the Craft & Produce Show page.

Jean Penny (with acknowledgement to Derek Whitehouse’s photographic advice for the 2017 show)

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