Plea to dog walkers

Plea to dog walkers

Dog Owners and Dog Walkers

The starting point… I am a dog owner. I am a responsible dog owner who carries rolls of doggy bags for clearing up after my dogs, and use them.

I have seen many other dog walkers going through the village and the banks area, who like me carry bags with them and use them to clear up after their dogs. We know the location of all the bins provided to dispose of our used bags, and we use them, or carry our trophies home.

There is a marked increase in the number of times I encounter dog mess on the streets. I have even found it right outside my front door. I have (not) found it outside my driveway gates, until they have opened across the offending mess. Thanks for that!

The Conundrum… l have seen people picking up after their dogs. I have not seen people just walking away and leaving the mess. I would undoubtedly have offered them one of my spare bags assuming they had just used their last one.

So why do we see so much? Are there people who only use a bag if they think someone is watching? Are there those who only walk their dogs in the hours of darkness to hide their laziness?

I can hear you all querying my rant. “It’s the heat gone to her head!”

The final straw was on Sunday. The first visit since lockdown for our 5 year old granddaughter led us on a lovely family walk through the banks to our beautifully refurbished play areas. We took only one dog and I did not need my little bags for her.

I did however use 3 of my bags to pick up dog mess left by the irresponsible in the larger play area.  I did it to protect the other groups with youngsters heading to the play area on Sunday afternoon.  What I could not clear up was the mess which had been trodden in and walked all over the seat under the shelter.

Please clear up after your dogs. It takes a few moments to do so, far less time than cleaning shoes, push-chair wheels, children’s hands and clothes.

Thank you.
Cynthia Moss

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