Re-opening of Services

Re-opening of Services

A message from Sue Lammin of Whissendine PC: coming out of lockdown in Rutland and Whissendine.

Opticians: they received guidance on 17 June and can now offer a service.  Advice is to call your optician before attending and they’ll advise how things are working now.

Dentists: all 9 Rutland-based dentists are now offering at least an emergency service. Advice is to call your dentist before attending and they’ll advise how things are working.

Local outbreak: there have been new cases of Covid 19 in Leicester City, contained to a very localised area.  It is not predicted that there should be any spill over into Rutland.

What happens if Rutland gets an outbreak?  Rutland County Council has a plan. If there were to be cases in Whissendine, or affecting residents from the village; under the plan the Parish Council would be contacted early on and would spread information about any precautionary measures to take. We are hoping that the plan won’t be needed.

Rutland County Council still not in a position to return to pre-Covid19 service levels.

  • They have staff who have been working without break since it started and many pulled from their normal jobs to cope with new tasks, like: the help-line, processing applications for business grants, etc. They will move back to a more normal service over time and are regularly reviewing services such as the Cottesmore CA site and libraries, etc.
  • There are no plans to open Cottesmore CA site at the moment and the libraries will re-open to callers when it can be done safely, but there is no date for that yet.
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