Whissendine Remembers

Whissendine Remembers

You will have been aware I am sure, that it is 100 years since the end of the First World War, and that groups and individuals across the world are remembering the thousands of men, and some women, who lost their lives in this conflict.

You might also be aware that a group of dedicated people at Rutland Remembers, have collated details of the men and women from Rutland, who died in, or as a result of this conflict. Perhaps less well known is the fact that, not only have they detailed the fallen, but have {almost} completed their ambitious task of visiting every known war grave to leave a cross and mark their visit, so that each person is remembered for their sacrifice.

In the villages too, there are plans to commemorate those men from our own communities who lost their lives in the fighting.

Here in Whissendine we are planning to commemorate our 21 lost men by creating individual ‘posters’ for each one and erecting them on the lamp posts in the village, as close as possible to where we believe they were born, brought up, or lived.

The Parish Council are making the arrangements for this to happen, so look out for the posters to appear in the autumn.

Although we have a memorial in the Church, there is so much more information now available that we can add to our archives, as Rutland Remembers have very generously shared with us the photos taken at the time of their visits to the graves, and information from the War Graves Commission.

In addition, we are being assisted by Sushil, at Sonara studios in Oakham, who is freely giving us his time and expertise to produce posters which will honour the men from Whissendine , and at the same time, tell us a little more about each individual.

If anyone has any information to add to our files we shall be grateful to receive it.

Cynthia Moss
Whissendine parish Council

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