Fishes Club @ St Andrew’s

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fishes club at st and re's church whissendine rutland

Fishes Club members make decorations for the church Christmas tree.

UPDATE: We are awaiting new information about the schedule for Fishes Club. Please contact the church in the first instance.

Fishes Club is a Sunday-morning club for kids to learn about the Christian faith through many different activities and welcomes all children aged 3-12, though younger children do come with their parents. We learn about the Christian faith through many different activities – we have already performed a play, looked at real locusts (some brave people even ate one), set some frankincense and myrrh on fire to see what it smells like, done lots of crafts and had a Christmas Party. We also contribute to the activities in Feat Week with a fun treasure hunt.

Some Sundays we sing, we always have a story of Jesus or people in the Bible and we find out things we never knew. We have a lot of fun. We go outside in the church grounds when the weather is warmer. We are learning that everyone is important in the church, so we celebrate birthdays both for the younger people and the grown ups who help.

Do come along and join us. We have more than 20 children in Fishes Club and there are typically half a dozen kids from the village at the club each week so there will be someone you know.

For more details or a chat about what we do, please contact Julia Brookes by email or call Whissendine 254 or speak to any of the leaders.