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Whissendine Ward Councillor’s report

Rosemary Powell, Whissendine Ward Councillor reports: Local Plan: The final public consultation scheduled to start on Tuesday 24th May has been postponed due to the coronavirus . All the details on the Local Plan can be found here. Whissendine Parking: Since September 2019 there have been complaints about road hazards from parked cars in the village, [...]

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Parish & County Council Elections

Whissendine has both local and county elections on Thursday 2nd May. The Village Hall will be open as a polling stations from 7am to 10pm. The following people have been nominated for Whissendine Parish Councillor. For full details, see RCC Parish & Town Council Elections Linda Arnold Rob Comber William Albert Farr Harry David Hatton [...]

Whissendine Ward Councillor (May 2018)

I am sure it has been the topic of many a conversation within the village, yes, the weather and of course the level of flooding that the village has suffered as a result. This has been the area that I have spent a significant amount of time trying to resolve with RCC, to a greater [...]

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Floods in Whissendine (10.4.18)

10 April 2018 Today the village was again badly flooded in a number of areas such as Stapleford road, the bus stop area and the brook/Cow lane across the road. I have challenged RCC regarding a number of these before and they have had consultants out from Peterborough to look at the brook and proposed [...]

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CANCELLED – Village meeting (3/3/18)

CANCELLED DUE TO ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS A village meeting will be held on Saturday 3rd March between 11am and 12.30am at the Village school by Ian Arnold and Rutland Police Constabulary to update the village on activity in Rutland and Whissendine.

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Whissendine Ward Councillor (Jan 2018)

On the 18th of December, I met up with the Biffa contractors who were sent to the village to remove moss from the footpaths in Sherrards Close and Hall Close/Foxhill. They demonstrated their “New Device”, which was a strimmer with a rotary wire brush head, and whilst it created mess it did successfully remove the [...]

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Village Meeting (11.11.17)

Whissendine Ward Councillor Ian Arnold will host a village meeting this Saturday, the 11th November 2017 at 10am - 11.30am at the village school, where he will give an update on Rutland activity including Oakham one-way, as well as the village.

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Rutland Plan response to RCC by Ward Councillor

Following the village meeting hosted by Ward Councillor Ian Arnold regarding the Rutland Plan, the Ward Councillor sent a letter of reply to Rutland County Council outlining the concerns of village residents. The Ward Councillor's response letter may be downloaded and viewed in full here.

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Rutland Plan sharing meeting

Following feedback at the recent RCC roadshow held in the Village Hall, Whissendine Ward Councillor, Ian Arnold, will hold a public meeting to further share information about the Rutland Plan and its relevance to the residents of Whissendine. 10am - 11.30am, 23 September 2017, Whissendine Primary School. All are welcome to attend. The purpose of [...]

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RCC Local Plan – feedback sought

Rutland County Council is reviewing the Local Plan – which includes provisional sites for 88 potential new houses in Whissendine – in order to extend the plan period to 2036 and to provide for any additional new housing, employment or other development that may be needed over the extended plan period. RCC is consulting on [...]

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