Happy Circle

Happy Circle AGM (and bingo)

Happy Circle AGM, hot meal and bingo - Wednesday 1st February 2017. Happy Circle meetings start with lunch at 12.15pm in the village hall on the first Wednesday of each month. New members would be made most welcome. Please contact Ann Edmunds on Whissendine 279.

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Happy Circle (Nov 2016 report)

Happy Circle members were amused by the anecdotes that Billy Ivory regaled them with at the November meeting. He has acted on Coronation Street and written scripts for the theatre, television and films. He was initially denied entry to the premier of ‘Made in Dagenham’ even though he was the writer! He claimed he was [...]

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Happy Circle (May 2016 report)

In May, Jeremy Prescott gave a moving presentation about the War Graves Commission to the members, who were impressed by the immaculate way that the graves are kept in all 153 countries where the fallen are commemorated. The sacrifices made should never be forgotten. There were 420,000 British casualties at the Battle of the Somme. [...]

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Happy Circle (April 2016 report)

Retired Policewoman, Sue Pulsford, took members back to the 1960s when she spoke about her experiences of working in Redcar and later in Leicester. This was in the days before electronic devices were in use and when few vehicles were on the road. She had to attend incidents riding a bicycle across the moors of [...]

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Happy Circle (Nov 2015 report)

Members enjoyed a splendid three course Christmas meal at their December meeting, complete with crackers, mince pies and After Dinner mints. The work of the catering team has been much appreciated and gifts were given to each of them. Mick Smith was the entertainer and he got everyone singing to the well-remembered choruses. The committee [...]

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Happy Circle September quiz

In September there was a quiz devised by the Chairman which caused some headaches for members of Whissendine's Happy Circle. All the answers were kinds of fruit and the one that caught many people out was 'You may yearn for this Golden Delicious' - the answer being 'Pineapple' and not apple as many suggested. Apple [...]

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Happy Circle (May 2015 report)

The Whissendine Happy Circle Club met on Wednesday the 6th May at 1:15pm in the Village Hall. A new member was welcomed to the Club, as was a visitor. A delicious meal of salad and dessert was enjoyed followed by a short business meeting. Dr. Lawrence Howard then took part in a version of “Desert [...]

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Happy Circle Beetle Drive

Whissendine's Happy Circle club met on Wednesday the 1st of April in the Village Hall. A short business meeting was held after a delicious meal of soup and dessert. Instead of a Speaker, the Club took part in a Beetle Drive with Club members put into groups. It was a hilarious afternoon, which everyone thoroughly [...]

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Happy Circle (March 2015 report)

The Whissendine Happy Circle club met on Wednesday the 4th March at 1:15pm in the Village Hall. The business meeting was held after a delicious meal of homemade soup and dessert. Two new members were welcomed and two more new members will be joining us next month. Two ladies from the Red Cross in Oakham [...]

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Happy Circle Club AGM

The AGM of the Club was held on Wednesday the 4th of February 2015 after a delicious lunch. Before the meeting began, Ann Edmunds asked members to observe a minute’s silence in remembrance of two of our members, Audrey Riley and Betty Davis, who passed away recently. The meeting then continued with the election of [...]

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Happy Circle Club’s Christmas lunch and carols

On Wednesday the 3rd December, Happy Circle Club Members enjoyed their annual Christmas Lunch. A delicious three course meal including wine was cooked and served by Annette Hatton and her merry band of helpers. The meal was rounded off by mince pies and each member received a bag of mixed chocolates. There followed a short [...]

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