Whissendine Ward Councillor (Jan 2018)

Whissendine Ward Councillor (Jan 2018)

On the 18th of December, I met up with the Biffa contractors who were sent to the village to remove moss from the footpaths in Sherrards Close and Hall Close/Foxhill. They demonstrated their “New Device”, which was a strimmer with a rotary wire brush head, and whilst it created mess it did successfully remove the moss. Unfortunately, they have only really done a few test areas and nothing substantial, so I have fed back to RCC, we liked the results but could they now finish the job, and perhaps sweep up the debris afterwards.

Royal Mail finally came back to me about the mailbox at the Melton Road junction, I first lodged my complaint on the 11th of September. They inform me they have disposed of the old mail box as it was damaged in the incident, and that I need to compile a petition if I want it replacing. Therefore I will liaise with Nirav to put a petition in the shop for signing and sending on to the Royal Mail, please add your names to this.

The footpath sign that is still laying on its side on station road should be re-installed by 19th, and the kissing gates by the end of February.

On December 30th, we saw the brook flood very significantly, and I helped a stranded driver push his car out of the water. RCC has a flood policy that states they don’t need to investigate a minor road being impassable unless it is impassable for 10 hours. Needless to say, I have reported that the road was indeed impassable for that duration and they are carrying out an investigation. If anyone has more accurate timings on when the road first became impassable I would value that information.

Many of you in the village will have mobile network cover provided by O2, and will be eagerly awaiting the new mast in the church tower. Unfortunately, I do not have any details on when this work will be completed. However, I have been told by a resident that if you complain strongly enough using their 202 number, you should be entitled to a rebate on some of your connection fee, especially if you were one of the original 60 complainants from early last year. If you want more information , give me a ring or email.

Finally, I am still chasing for the outstanding road repairs, as these have only got worse with the ice and frost of the last few weeks. RCC assessments have been carried out and our requested locations for the new grit bins declined. The Parish Council and myself are looking into other solutions to this issue.

Ian Arnold
Whissendine 645

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