Whissendine Ward Councillor (May 2018)

Whissendine Ward Councillor (May 2018)

I am sure it has been the topic of many a conversation within the village, yes, the weather and of course the level of flooding that the village has suffered as a result.

This has been the area that I have spent a significant amount of time trying to resolve with RCC, to a greater or less level of success. I first started the process just after Christmas when the flood was of such a magnitude that the road was in reality impassable for 12 hours. This is very relevant, as a minor road needs to be impassable for this time for it to register as a “Flood” in RCC terms.

Following this reported incident , RCC sent out some of their Highways team to assess and discuss with water course engineers, and duly reported back to myself that they had decided to install a “Grip” or gulley that would allow the road to drain more freely into the brook – However this wouldn’t stop the Brook from flooding.

Unfortunately, I was out of the country when it flooded over the Easter weekend, but weas supplied photographs that I could forward onto RCC.

On the 10th of April, again the Village was flooded, not just at the Brook but also Cow lane and Stapleford Road. I reported these incidents with photos by 10.30am, and in fairness RCC phoned me at 11am and arranged to come to the village.

During this visit the Highways team acknowledged that the gulley drains on the blind corner at Stapleford road, and the bus shelter needed immediate high pressure jetting, and this was promised within the next few days. Additionally, the agreed that a “Grip” would only address the symptoms not the primary cause of the flooding.

To this end they are going to arrange a meeting with water course engineers, RCC and myself to discuss, but have acknowledged that the provision of a “Flood lagoon” upstream to act as a buffer is the most likely long term cure, and that land owners who have the |Brook running through their land will need to be approached.

Of course keep people updated on progress.

I would like to thank Josephine Dunn for her very informative article in Grapevine on the O2 aerial installation, and will track if this work is completed to their revised timetable.

Whilst a veritable armada of vehicles turned up to repair the Nook and Hortons lane,. The level of repair actually achieved was bewilderingly small, and I have lodged my dissatisfaction with RCC, a prime opportunity to significantly improve both roads has been lost. The prime cost must be mobilising the equipment compared with the material costs.

The small vandalised footbridge has now been repaired and treated with preservative, although I don’t think rot was the cause of the damage.

Ian Arnold
Whissendine Ward Councillor

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