Coronavirus and WGNS

Coronavirus and WGNS

Alison, Chair of the Whissendine Good Neighbour Scheme, has sent out this message to WGNS volunteers and to villagers in general.

You are probably reaching peak saturation point with information regarding how to operate and behave during this outbreak but I thought it appropriate to share thoughts and ideas with you.

This should be a two way communication and would like to hear your suggestions if you have anything further to add to the discussion.

Throughout these exceptional next few months, we may be all behaving differently… you may be reading this while self-isolating, you may be ill, you may be recovering, you may be well. Whichever category you fall into please use our service to either help yourself, or help neighbours and friends in the village.

The Parish Council have offered their help and support to us and I’ve already had offers of help from villagers who are not currently within our volunteer group.

This proves to me the full extent of the depth of feeling our village has regarding looking after the vulnerable and less able, something we already do admirably.

As always, thank you for your ongoing and invaluable support throughout normal times and now unusual times.

If you would like to volunteer to help in some way, please contact Alison at

If you would like assistance, please call WGNS on 0750 059 9635 and the volunteers will do their best to help.

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