Craft & Produce Show tip – Preserves, Baking and Home Brew

Craft & Produce Show tip – Preserves, Baking and Home Brew

Two of the most popular sections in the Craft and Produce Show are for preserves, chutneys and baking – yummy. And it’s no wonder as we have so many great cooks in the village! The same experienced judges look at both these sections. For the preserves they ask for ‘either 12oz or 1lb jars with screw tops or cellophane but not both’. Also that ‘jars are wiped clean of stickiness and clearly labelled’. In the baking section there are six classes open to both men and women. But, as well as a men’s only class of four brownies, this year we have a women’s only class of four sausage rolls – equality!

Our baking and preserve judges also gave great advice that applies to all sections in the show. They asked that ‘the schedule is read carefully as the number of folk who don’t is surprising and entrants are disappointed by not being included in the results’.

Due to popular demand, we have an extra section this year – home brewing. And it’s amazing how many people have volunteered to be the judge – hic! Our judge will be using the senses to evaluate the home brews entered: how it smells, what it looks like, how it feels in the mouth and of course the taste, taste and yet again taste! The final thing is the overall impression and the pleasure the brew gives.   After all, the way we all judge a drink is by asking the question ‘would you want to drink it again’…

So we are really looking forward to seeing lots of clearly labelled jams, marmalades cakes, breads, beers, cordials et etc BLISS!!!!!

For more information, visit the Craft & Produce Show page or contact Sarah (Whissendine 226) or David (Whissendine 008).

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