North Beat Team Report – Dec 2018

North Beat Team Report – Dec 2018

The following crime has been reported to police on Rutland North beat during December 2018: –

Burglary                                               – Hambleton and Market Overton

Assault                                                 – 5 x Langham, Whissendine, Thisleton

Theft                                                     – 2 x Thisleton, Essendine, Langham,  Little Casterton

Theft from vehicle                           – 5 x A1

Criminal Damage                              – A1

Harassment                                        – Essendine, Langham, Cottesmore

We have noted that in December as the late crops are now growing in the fields we are having a dramatic increase in calls concerning Hare Coursing and poaching related offences.  We continue to work with the rural communities and cross border police forces to tackle this issue.  We would encourage anyone out in Rutland that sees any criminal offences to report through 101 or 999.

Reports of Theft from motor vehicles in isolated beauty spots in Rutland has reduced and we have not had any reported in December, however we continue to have reports of theft of fuel on the A1.

We have had 2 reported Burglary Dwellings this month and there are on-going enquiries into both crimes.  We have noted that recent trends show that cash and jewellery are targeted and would recommend that all jewellery be locked away securely and limit the amount of cash kept at home.  If you would like to discuss any concerns or would like any crime prevention advice please feel free to contact me either through 101 or

Rutland South beat have had 2 reported crimes of theft of heating fuel and so I would encourage local residents to be alert and report anything suspicious.

PC 1742 Appleton

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