North Beat Team Report – June 2019

North Beat Team Report – June 2019

The following crimes have been reported to the police for Rutland North beat: –

Burglary Dwelling                             –              Whissendine, Burley

Burglary other than Dwelling         –              Burley

Vehicle Crime                                    –              Langham, Great Casterton, Greetham

Theft from vehicle                            –              Langham and Whissendine (both number plates stolen)

Theft                                                     –              Greetham x 2, Whissendine, Great Casterton, Cottesmore

Criminal Damage                              –              Stretton

Assault                                                 –              Langham

Fraud                                                    –              Ryhall

Our current Problem Management Plan which is an issue that has been raised by the community through consultation in Speeding and we are out and about doing Speed Enforcement in all villages in Rutland.  If you have a particular issue and would like to speak to me please feel free to call me through 101 or email

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PC 1742 Appleton

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