North Beat Team Report – March 2019

North Beat Team Report – March 2019

The following crime has been reported to the police over March 2019: –

Burglary Dwelling                                             –              Burley, Langham, Ryhall

Criminal Damage                                              –              Ashwell, 2 x Cottesmore, Exton

Assault                                                                 –              Greetham, Barrow

Bilking (theft from garage)                           –              2 x Tickencote

Theft from motor vehicle                             –              3 x A1, Whitwell, 2 x Langham, 6 x Whissendine, Greetham, Market Overton, Cottesmore

We have seen a spike in theft from motor vehicles which includes commercial vehicles for tools, cars left in scenic locations and number plates stolen from vehicles to be used in crime.  We are asking Rutland residents leaving their vehicles to ensure that they are locked and secure when left overnight and that if vehicles are left at scenic locations whilst enjoying the Rutland countryside that no valuables are left inside the vehicle and especially not on display.

We have approached RCC for funding to purchase anti-theft number plate screws to prevent number plates being stolen and will update on the next Report where these can be purchased to prevent further thefts.  We are also conducting targeted patrols in identified locations to identify suspects for these offences and am working with several other bordering Police Forces to gather further intelligence.

I would urge local residents to take precautions when parking in isolated locations and consider taking all valuables with you.  If you see anything suspicious when you are out and about please call either 101 or 999 or please feel free to contact me


PC 1742 Appleton

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