North Beat Team Report – October 2019

North Beat Team Report – October 2019

Note: The two reported incidents in Whissendine relate to the ‘rave’

The following crime has been reported to the police for Rutland North beat: –

Burglary Dwelling – Ryhall

Theft – Hambleton, Greetham, Burley, Langham

Theft from vehicle – 4 x A1, Great Casterton, Greetham, Ryhall

Assault – Little Casterton, Whissendine

Criminal Damage – Whitwell, Tolethorpe, Whissendine

We are still working on our current PMP which is Rural Crime and have had some recent great success working with the local community and seizing 3 vehicles within an hour in Rutland in relation to rural crime and driving documents.

With night’s drawing in earlier I ask everyone to be aware of ensuring out building, sheds etc are all locked and secure and report anything suspicious seen within your communities.

If you would like to contact me to discuss anything please email me on many thanks
PC 1742 Appleton

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