Whissendine Neighbourhood Watch updates

Whissendine Neighbourhood Watch updates

You may be aware that the Neighbourhood Watch scheme has not been operating effectively for over a year. On February 4th ten members of the committee met to discuss how to proceed in future.
In order to reestablish effective communication, in consultation with the local police, it was agreed to create 3 zones in the village each having a zone coordinator. The police will then email relevant local information to the zone coordinators who will forward emails to street coordinators and interested residents.
If you would like to receive these forwarded emails simply provide your email address and street where you live to the zone coordinators below (these details will not be shared with the police).

Zone A East
Coordinator Brian Maunders – hilary632@btinternet.com
Ashwell Road, Station Road, Fox Hill, Hall Close, Hortons Lane, Main Street, St Andrews Close, Paddock Close

Zone B Central
Coordinator Walter Milsom – wmilsom@blueyonder.co.uk
The Nook, Cow Lane, Oakham Road, Mill Grove

Zone C West
Coordinator Toby Crewe – tobycrewe@btconnect.com
Pickwell Lane, Melton Road, Stanilands, Walton Close, Thorpe Gardens, Stapleford Road, Sherrard Close, Harborough Close, Willow Close

Please provide your details even if you have already registered with Neighbourhood Watch Link.You can contact any of the above or your street coordinator as usual or call the police directly on 101 to report a crime or potential crime (999 for emergencies only).
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