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Rosemary Powell (Independent) is the Rutland Ward Councillor for Whissendine. Rosemary can be contacted by Email or by telephone on 474257. To read news items by the Ward Councillor and for notifications of forthcoming meetings hosted by the Ward Councillor, click here.

Whissendine is a ward within the Rutland County Counil and is represented by one councillor out of the 27 councillors, representing 15 wards in the county.

Rutland County Council has an interesting history as it became a unitary council in 1889 but then in 1974, it became a district under Leicestershire County Council. However, this decision was reversed on 1 April 1997, and it became a proundly independent unitary authority again.

As a unitary authority, the council is responsible for running local services in Rutland, with the exception of the LEICESTERSHIRE FIRE AND RESCUE SERVICE and LEICESTERSHIRE CONSTABULARY which are run by joint boards with LEICESTERSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL and LEICESTER CITY COUNCIL. So schools, roads, planning, refuse collection are among the important services provided to the residents of Whissendine. Street lighting is a strange service that is divided between the County Council and the Parish Council depending upon the street.